Thursday, January 8, 2009


Another fun thing to swap is foam pieces! You can also die cut foam with your sizzix or sidekick machine. BUT you can also cut it with your cricut and a new deep cut blade! That's how I cut these. Depending on the thickness of the foam, it might leave a little rough edges, but I think it gives the piece character :)

I forgot what cart I used for this frame. But isn't it cute?

Just circles with a gold heart and stickled.

I think this is the Indie Art Cart. Accented the heart with a clear skittle :D

Stretch Your Imagination Tree with circles for the "foilage" and added red brads to look like apples.

Graphically Speaking Cart. Okay this butterfly was a pain in the ass.. The blade kept chopping off the antennae. I guess if it was bigger and the details not so little, it would do a better job at cutting the details. Plus this foam was a bit thicker, hence why you see more rough edges.


KelsyC said...

How do you like the deep cute blade? How do the mats hold onto the foam? I am thinking about getting one myself.

Love the frame!

Andrea said...

The mats hold on to the foam pretty good Kelsy. But it wastes really FAST... My foam shifted a little bit. Mine didn't cut all the way, so it didn't ruin the mat, just took the stickiness away. Then you just kind of pull the foam out kinda of like a paper doll.