Friday, January 9, 2009


Another popular theme right now. Critters..

I was, am, obsessed with owls. But we did a critter swap, and this is what I came up with.

My squirrel is from the Stretch your Imagination cart. I think he's kinda cute. :D And he's on a coaster, so you could use it for journaling.

Oh and after I used my deep cut blade for cutting foam, I *misplaced* my regular blade and housing (see cause the deep cut blade comes with a different housing).. I was happy to find out though, that I can use the deep cut blade for cutting paper. I just had to change the # on the dial, and change the pressure. All is good! But dang, I wish I could find the other blade and housing, it's driving me nuts!


KelsyC said...

That is adorable!

Anonymous said...

andrea...i've been trying to contact you through etsy about sponsoring for february, but maybe my messages aren't getting through? let me know.