Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Do you swap? It's awesome. I'm talking scrapping variety here... ;) but you knew that, ;)

If I were to just scrap, I never really make little embellishments, like cute titles or journaling spots, but when I swap, it forces me to make "nicer" stuff, and in return I get to use some awesome stuff from some very talented ladies!
Here are a couple of things I've been working on..

These are felt "pretties" little embellishments to spice up your pages. As a little side note, did you know that your old sizzix or sidekick can cut felt? Yep it can.


~Christina~ said...

I had no clue I could diecut felt!!! Awesome! I am a swap-a-holic myself. I am a member of one group that does big quarterly swaps and co-own a group that does monthly swaps and I am always working on or receiving a fun little bit of scrapping paradise!

Theresa said...

How cute those felt goodies are.. love the ice cream cones.. =)