Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baddest Mommy!!

Like Shanna, I'm slow! he-he..

Shanna, kindly awarded me the baddest momma jamma award! I am so bad ass that Keels also gave me the award! and even badder that Jen gave it to me too!!!

I know I haven't had tons of sketches lately (kinda waiting for some stuff to come up!) But thank you so much Shanna!! And you know what?? I'm going to meet miss thang in a couple of days. Yup! I'm gonna meet Shanna, and other online friends at a retreat!! Kelci, Kat & Jen again. Kristi, Keels and Shana for the first time! W00-hoo, I am SOOO excited!

Here are the rules: Link back, and pass it on to 5 of your favorites blogs!

Since this is on my scrap blog, I'm gonna keep it to scrapping. I know most of the people I "know" have been tagged already, and if you have, do it again, LMAO!


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