Thursday, June 4, 2009

How many ways to count?

Yes, such a big flake I am. How can I say I'm sorry for neglecting my poor blog.. Sure I can go on and on about all the terrible things that have befallen me lately. But I won't. I will just I'm sorry! :(

I have a winner for the April/May Sketch Challenge though!

Congrats to

Please email me your mailing info so I can send it over to Daisy Bucket Designs for your RAOK.
Also, my computer finally died at home. I am so sad, not only do I no longer have my program to sketch, but I also had 3 months of photos I had not backed up sitting in there. Literally brings me to tears. I have to pay some guy to come out and try to save them, then I'm chucking the old gal. Not sure when a new computer will be in our plans, but I do have a cheapy desktop I bought from work, that is good enough to surf the web.
So I have 2 sketches left from my original drawings. I will put these up shortly. I have a fabulous kit from 3 Scrappy Boys for a RAOK for June.
I might make some changes to layouts entered (may enter any layouts from any of my sketches to be eligible -- but wait for the announcement).
Stay tuned!

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Theresa said...

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for making the challenge available. I got my Daisy Bucket yesterday and it's so dang cute..

love your sketches. =)