Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretend it's the 15th! New Sketch

So last week was pretty bad. My son was soo sick. At first I thought he had the flu, fever (febrile hallucinations and all!), throwing up, crabby.. Then his fever broke and he had blisters in his mouth. Yup, hand, foot, mouth. Lovely. So needless to say, my sketch didn't get up..

I will extend the deadline for one week.. So get your layouts in the gallery by May 8 for your chance to win an awesome ROAK from Daisy Bucket Designs!

This sketch was inspired by one of my layouts last year, which was inpsired by a layout in a magazine I saw.

I hope you enjoy it!


Nina T. said...

Love it!!!!

Lacey said...

i totally did this.. i'm gonna have to wait and take a better pic during the day.. but you inspired me!! Thanks!! i needed it :)

Lacey said...

it's in the gallery :)

i <3 u!!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

cuuuuttee sketch!!

Theresa said...

great sketch. I just uploaded a layout.. =) thanks.