Friday, November 9, 2007

Weekend LO #2

Let's do something other than 1 photo. I know I always like to scrap multiple pics. Here ya go! I hope you like it..

Especially my hand drawn flowers (yes, it IS a flower! LOL)


Kelci said...

You said to leave a comment, so I'm leaving a comment:) Maybe I'll try this one tonight.

Stacie said...

if I had the patience to scrap, I would SOOOO use your layouts, they are very cute.

What I do want to know is how did you create your header? Are you willing to make me one?????

Anonymous said...

I used this one tonight too! Not only did i do it, but i tuened it and did it again!! Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

ok here they are....¤t=DSC06190.jpg¤t=DSC06189.jpg

Is that the right code? email code?

~ Katrina

Andrea said...

Apparently not the right code.. Lol..
Try the one that says link.