Friday, October 26, 2007


Welcome to my new blog!
I love scrapbooking, and am utterly frustrated when I come up with 'scrapers block'.
I have found many sketches over the net, which have helped incredibly with my scrapbooking. Although, I have found that alot of sketches include large pictures or different picture sizes, which I don't usually have.

I print most of pictures, then decide what to scrap. I am a fill the frame kind of picture taker, so there is rarely room to crop. What I have decided to do is come up with mostly 4x6 pictures size sketches. May as I start this new venture, I will come up with other ideas, but right now it will mostly be 12x12, with 4x6 pictures.

If you use any of my sketches, I would love to see your LO. And I would like to post them here, so we can see how different everyone takes a sketch. Email me at blueprintsketches @

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